Create A Memorable Brand

Set a foundation for your marketing and communication strategy by crafting a visual brand that represents the passion and purpose of your brand.

Strategically structure your brand presence with a memorable name, a distinguished logo and a relevant colour palette.

What You Can Expect
Working With Lydia Frey

Discover Your Name

Business/Product Name Development

  • Includes consultation, collaboration & preliminary legal checks prior to involving your legal team to lock in your brand identity.
Commit To Communicate Clearly

Develop Your BrandScript / Consistent Communication Strategy

  • Settle into your tagline and value proposition based on your core values with a clear brand script. This allows you to consistently articulate your unique purpose to attract new clients, customers, investors and build a dream team.
Develop Your Visual Brand

Create a modern logo and relevant colour palette to distinguish your brand and disrupt your industry.

  • Review design concepts that can translate across multiple platforms and applications then pick a colour palette to maintain professionalism wherever you take your product or business.

Create a memorable brand.

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